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Our Goal is simple

share my deep survival skills in case of natural and man-made disasters

To help people of all backgrounds and walks of life enjoy the beautiful and unique outdoors without fear of what could happen should be they lost or hurt in the wilderness

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I offer introductory and advanced classes for anyone seeking to plan ahead and prepare for emergency situations that may arise while recreating in the outdoors and urban environment.

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Staying Alive: Shelter/Fire/Water

This course provides introductory skills for those seeking to gain skills in building shelter using Natural or Man-Made Materials

Bushcraft: Primitive Survival Skills

This course teaches students how to make useful primitive tools for building shelter, hunting, foraging and preparing food.

Building a Leave No Trace Campsite

This course covers the basics of outdoor ethics and focuses on Leave No Trace practice.

Urban Survival and Preparedness

How to start to prepare and bring family together on this, building a emergency plan and communication…

Valentino Garavani

Founder & Trainer

Mike Posner


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“Val and Mike were excellent instructors and patient with me as a novice. Whether we were working on the bow making or sitting by the river, we were learning useful information to prepare us for successful survival. I will definitely continue to learn from Banat Wilderness training.”
Charley RosenbaumDoctor
Charley Rosenbaum
“Don’t Disconnect Us Survival Training is a top notch organization. The instructor is well informed, patient and kind plus you can tell he as a passion for survival training education and wants to share his knowledge readily. I highly recommend them.”
Waylon ConnAgricultural Engineers
Waylon Conn
“Valentino is one of those people that can just hop in to his truck, drive up to the Mountain and live off of the land. You can learn a lot from his events and or classes!”
Beau KreigerAutomotive Engineers
Beau Kreiger

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Location of DontDisconnectUs Wilderness &Urban Survival Training?

We are locate in Portland and we operate anywhere in Oregon and Washington.

Location of the training classes?

Most of the Wilderness and Urban survival classes will be hold on  Portland area.

Are classes for teenagers under 18?

Yes, with parents accord signed or with them presents on the class. However, over night classes will not be for teenagers with out their parents on the class.

What outdoor background and fitness level need for this classes?

Some of the classes will be for any level of outdoor background and fitness and some will be just for intermediate level or higher on both, outdoor background, and fitness.

Are classes for teenagers under 18?

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