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share my deep survival skills in case of natural and man-made disasters

To help people of all backgrounds and walks of life enjoy the beautiful and unique outdoors without fear of what could happen should be they lost or hurt in the wilderness

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I offer introductory and advanced classes for anyone seeking to plan ahead and prepare for emergency situations that may arise while recreating in the outdoors and urban environment.

Staying Alive: Shelter/Fire/Water

This course provides introductory skills for those seeking to gain skills in building shelter using Natural or Man-Made Materials

Bushcraft: Primitive Survival Skills

This course teaches students how to make useful primitive tools for building shelter, hunting, foraging and preparing food.

Building a Leave No Trace Campsite

This course covers the basics of outdoor ethics and focuses on Leave No Trace practice.

Urban Survival and Preparedness

How to start to prepare and bring family together on this, building a emergency plan and communication...

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Frequently asked questions

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Location of DontDisconnectUs Wilderness &Urban Survival Training?

We are locate in Portland and we operate anywhere in Oregon and Washington.

Location of the training classes?

Most of the Wilderness and Urban survival classes will be hold on  Portland area.

Are classes for teenagers under 18?

Yes, with parents accord signed or with them presents on the class. However, over night classes will not be for teenagers with out their parents on the class.

What outdoor background and fitness level need for this classes?

Some of the classes will be for any level of outdoor background and fitness and some will be just for intermediate level or higher on both, outdoor background, and fitness.

Are classes for teenagers under 18?

Our Blog

Guns in a Failing Society

This is a discussion which has been going on for years should the general population have access to guns for self defense or does it just create more of a problem. There are many people that feel that guns are barbaric and that because we live in such an advanced world and are so advanced as people that guns are no longer necessary. There are also those that feel that if we are to own guns that we are living in some kind of wild west where we are going to have shootouts. What they don’t realize is that these criminals don’t really respect an laws. If we look at many of the highest homicide and crime rate locations in the US you will find most of them have very restrictive firearms policies that really haven’t shown in any capacity to be beneficial.

What is an IFAK and Why Every Prepper Should Have One?

I have said this many times, but I will say it again as preppers the most important thing we can get is knowledge.   This is kind of late as my wife and I had done an IFAK class through Independence Training, a company out of Arizona, during my hiatus from the site in January.  For those that don’t know what an IFAK is, it is an Individual First Aid Kit and it is very important.  We also took our concealed weapon and gun safety course with them. They are a great company that I highly recommend. Even though they don’t call themselves preppers, they are all about keeping yourself trained and ready for any situations, whether they be daily situations or catastrophic situations.

Essential Alternative Cooking Tools for Preppers and Survivalists

As preppers and survivalists we need to be prepared for many different types of situations.  If there were to be a total collapse having your food storage would be extremely beneficial, but it doesn’t do you any good if you have no way to cook it. Here are some alternative ways to cook your storage food, that may not be conventional, but do not require any liquid fuel or gases that may be hard to come by during a collapse scenario. Not only are these alternative cooking devices cheap, but they can be made to be very durable.

What is a Prepper’s Most Valuable Tool?

Usually we think of our most valuable tool as something like our guns, our food or water storage, or maybe some specific material tool, but what I want to discuss is how we as individuals are our own most valuable tool.  We, as people, are the ones that will ultimately determine how we react during certain scenarios using the bodies and minds that God gave us.  So above all else what we really need to build and prepare for a TEOTWAWKI scenario is ourselves.

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