I am Valentino. Survival has been a part of my life since I was a child. Now, I embrace it as a calling, and I want to share my calling with you.

The wilds of Banat, Romania, are my roots. The forests and mountains are in my blood. When I moved to the States to Portland, Oregon living and working in our Unique Ecosystem shaped my personality, my philosophy, and my love and respect for all of mother nature and the Earth.

I have traveled, trained, and worked all over the pacific Northwest — namely, Oregon, Washington, and California. In living this life of travel, I have learned much about how people live their lives, and how they love and work in nature in this wonderful land in the corner of the United States. I sincerely look forward to sharing my life experience and skills with any and all who are interested.

Having worked as a child and young adult in the outdoors with my family and friends, and later for the United States Forest Service, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue as an active volunteer, Wilderness Survival Instructor and a life experience on Wilderness and Urban Survival, NRA Firearm Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and Archery Instructor gave me not only skills but any awareness of and respect for all nature and life.

My goal is simple: to help people of all backgrounds and walks of life enjoy the beautiful and unique outdoors without fear of what could happen should be they lost or hurt in the wilderness. I also aim to share my deep survival skills in case of natural and man-made disasters, to be of assistance to my students, their families, and the community.