Q:Location of DontDisconnectUs Wilderness &Urban Survival Training?
A: We are locate in Portland and we operate anywhere in Oregon and Washington.

Q: Location of the training classes?
A: Most of the Wilderness and Urban survival classes will be hold on  Portland area.

Q: Are classes for teenagers under 18?
A: Yes, with parents accord signed or with them presents on the class. However, over night classes will not be for teenagers with out their parents on the class.

Q: What outdoor background and fitness level need for this classes?
A: Some of the classes will be for any level of outdoor background and fitness and some will be just for intermediate level or higher on both, outdoor background, and fitness.

Q: A medical release need?
A: Yes, for most of the classes need a medical release form. The release form can be found on “Forms link or just contact me”.

Q: Its a required equipment list?
A: Yes, it is! Some classes are asking just for basic first aid and survival kit and some of the intermediate and advanced classes will have a more comprehensive list. Each course on “Course” page will list what you need for each class. The list can be found on “Forms link”.

Q: Are firearm rules on the firearm classes?
A: Yes they are and will be follown100%. All the “Firearm classes” will be hold after local and federal law, rules and regulation, NRA guides and rules, and by the rules that each Fire range haves, and by the DontDisconnectUs Wilderness & Urban Survival Training rules. “On The House Rules” The rules are for my personal safety, your safety and your classmates safety, public safety, and domestic or wild life safety.

Q: A personal firearm/s and ammo can be brought on to the class or Fire Range?
A: Yes and No! Definitely no ammo or loaded firearms in a class!!. Each class will have more info on what you can bring on the class or not and on Fire Range. Look also on “Forms link” too.

Q: Are Archery Classes are under Firearm rules also?
A: Yes, most of the rules on the Firearm classes will apply on Archery Classes too.

Q: Are other information that a individual needs to know before to take a class with DontDisconnectUs Wilderness & Urban Survival Training?
A: Yes they are! Beside that each class have one curriculum and requirement, the life is a continuing motion and always something will show up with out any warning!
Some of the update information will be found on each class course listed, others will be on the News Page.