Valentino is very knowledgeable in a variety of areas, and has the skills to prove it. He knows what to look for in any given situation, and he is always ready for anything. One of the best things about him is that he is willing to share his knowledge, gained through personal experience, to those who are interested in learning and applying what he has to teach. He teaches in a way that puts the skills being taught into your own hands, which is really the best way to learn. Valentino overall is a very good guy, very knowledgeable and informative, and has earned my respect. I plan to learn as much as I can from him, as much as he is willing to teach me!

Gody Garrison
Sep 24, 2019

Val and Mike were excellent instructors and patient with me as a novice. Whether we were working on the bow making or sitting by the river, we were learning useful information to prepare us for successful survival. I will definitely continue to learn from Dontdisconnect Wilderness training.

Angie Marker

I met up with Valentino for an overnight winter camp and we stayed in the Mt. Hood area not far from one of the trailheads. He worked with me on one-log fire skills and taught me some surprisingly effective winter shelter building techniques involving just a simple tarp and a piece of cordage. Valentino’s teaching methods were pretty laid back but effective. He allowed me to make some mistakes, then talked me through what went wrong and how to correct it, then had me try again. This really helped the lessons stick with me, and made me understand the purpose behind the methods he taught.
After camp was set up we chatted while he taught me how to make Romanian cornmeal bread over the campfire. We spent some time talking about his recreational and professional survival experience and about how he lives in lives in the woods for long periods. He is an interesting guy who really practices the wilderness skills he teaches. In the age of fake YouTube survivalists and bushcrafters, I highly recommend that anyone who wants to spend time in the unforgiving PAC NW environment learn actual wilderness living skills from someone like Valentino who does it for real.
Nick Elback
January 23, 2019

Dontdisconnect Wilderness & Urban Survival Training is a top notch organization. The instructor is well informed, patient and kind plus you can tell he as a passion for survival training education and wants to share his knowledge readily. I highly recommend them.

Michele Finicle Development Director North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity
October 18, 2018

Valentino took Cory, a reporter, and me, a photographer, up into the Mt. Hood wilderness for a story on survival, and within minutes of stepping out of our vehicle we were learning about the importance of being prepared when going into the bush. I would consider myself an outdoorsman; I am an experienced hiker, camper, and backpacker. I like to think that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to wilderness survival. However, Valentino showed me just how ill-prepared I really was. He taught me invaluable techniques and procedures that anyone venturing into the wild should know. He took me through the steps of setting up camp, from immediate shelter preparations all the way to building a fire. After being with the vastly experienced Valentino for just over 24 hours, I feel ready and prepared to be self-sustaining during backpacking trips or in emergency situations. I would highly recommend his course to anyone that is interested in learning a thing or two about wilderness survival.
Thanks again Valentino.
Apr 11, 2018

A good coach, a best friend and a skillful trainer !!
Horia Stoica
March 2 2018

Super awesome and informative! I’ve learned a lot already!
Charlie Carr
March 2 2018

Bushcrafting, Survival & Tracking PDX“. Valentino is such a resource. He currently serves in search and rescue teams in the Northwest and has many anecdotes from this experience to illustrate a particular idea of something you should or should not do in an emergency. For example he recommends carrying a roll of surveyors tape to mark a trial as you’re passing through. However it is necessary to make something unique about the way you mark so that you will be able to distinguish it from surveyor tape marks left by hunters and others. He has the experience to rate different kinds of camping equipment and gave me two links; sportsmansguide.com and ads.midwayusa.com as sources for modular sleeping systems. I found him to be generous with his time, personable, and committed to educating the public. ”
Carolyn Aug 20, 2017.

Bushcrafting, Survival & Tracking PDX“ Carolyn.
It was really worthwhile in spite of the hot weather. First of all Valentino knew about a place that had old walnut trees with overarching branches that gave complete shade. We sat down and then for the next few hours he was a treasure trove of survival wisdom and practical advice. I think the most valuable thing I came away with is the sense of how vulnerable we are as civilized beings because we are so used to being in a temperature controlled environment that even just taking away air conditioning and heat can put us at risk. So recognizing the symptoms of exposure, hypothermia, or heat stroke, and knowing how to treat it is fundamental. I also came away with twelve pages of handouts to study. 🙂

”Bushcrafting, Survival & Tracking PDX“. ‘ Valentino is one of those people that can just hop in to his truck, drive up to the Mountain and live off of the land. You can learn a lot from his events and or classes! ”
Mike on Jun 6, 2017.